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The lawsuit offers counceling about arrangement and drafting of unilateral contracts and deeds.

It also assistsits clients in controversies with the following contents:

  • beneficial rights, actions for the defence of property and possession;
  • fault on contructions;
  • obbligations and breach of contracts;
  • withdrawal and dissolution of contracts;
  • liability out of contract and claims for damages;
  • compensation for damages;
  • debt collection;
  • medical malpractice;
  • warranty and protection of consumers.

The lawsuit gives counceling and assistance on the following areas:

  • business relationship management and dissolution;
  • drafting of loyalty and non-compete agreement;
  • individual and collective procedures of layoff management;
  • trade union rights.
The lawsuit assists companies and corporate groups for legal needs connected to company reorganization, crisis and bankrupt.

The activities of the lawsuit includes:

  • assistance in the process of reorganization;
  • application of due diligence legal;
  • counceling on bankruptcy law and insolvency procedure;
  • recovery plan;
  • bankruptcy revocatoy;
  • insinuations and applications for the statement of liability;
  • credit suspension;
  • bankruptcy applications;
  • composition with creditors or bankruct agreement requests;
  • opposition to the approval of compositions with creditors of bankrupt agreements;
  • assistance for the negotiation with creditors about terms and conditions of the financial agreement in support of the recovery plan;
  • The lawsuit also offers counceling to companies, about company debt reorganization arrangements.
The lawsuit offers counceling and assistance in the following areas:

  • bank and company debt collection;
  • contract services;
  • compliance;
  • complaint management;
  • consumer credit;
  • insurance law and loss settlement;
  • insurance brokerage.

The lawsuit assists Clients in criminal proceedings, in particular for the following crimes:

  • crimes against the person and the family;
  • money laundry;
  • crimes against assets;
  • economical and corporate crimes;
  • bankrutcy crimes;
  • tax crimes;
  • crimes against property;
  • crimes against faith and pubblic amministration;
  • crimes against justice;
  • crimes against the State.
In this topic, the activities of the lawsuit include:

  • counceling in the evaluation of the responsability;
  • analysis of the insurance benefits;
  • insurance notice of default;
  • extrajudicial assistence for the loss reimbursement;
    evaluation of medical/legal reports.

For what concernes this issue, the lawsuit includes:

  • competitors and industrial law counceling;
  • investigation on the brand employment;
  • brands and patents protection;
  • brand, patents, projects and prototypes registration.

The lawsuit offers assistance and counceling on the following areas:

  • separations and divorces;
  • minor adoptions;
  • invalidation, debarment, support provision.

In this area, the lawsuit includes:

  • evaluations about the impact of the sammarinese and foreign tax laws;
  • appeals to the Estimation Council and Verification Commission;
  • investment management of the juridical form aimed to optimize the tax aspects, avoiding the connected risks;
  • assistance and employment of mandator in the tax representation.