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Alfredo Nicolini

Lawyer and Notary

Registered at n. 166 of the Law Society and at n. 120 of the Lawyers and Notaries Register of San Marino

He dedicated himself to the commercial and corporate law, reaching essencial skills to give the best counceling in the corporate fulfillment of ordinary and extraordinary tasks and developping at the same time, the notary area linked to them.

He is annually a spokesman in meetings and lectures at the Law Department of the University of San Marino, dealing with money laundry fulfillment, introduced by the Law 17th June 2008 n.92.

In November 2010 he edited in the “Collana del Commercialista Sammarinese” the ultimated Law 23rd February 2006 n.47.

He was member of the Board of the Law and Notary Society of San Marino.

President of the Order of Lawyers and Notaries of the Republic of San Marino for the three-year period 2022 – 2025.

Practice areas: