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The lawsuit offers society counceling with reference to the following aspects:

  • identification of the most suitable type of company for the society business;
  • business plan and economical-finiancial plan drafting;
  • deed of corporation and social statute arrangement;
  • approval of the financial report deed;
  • analysis and application for tax relief for new and old companies;
  • assistance in the company launch and licence issues: permits, producition start-up, etc;
  • transfer of company participation;
  • extraordinary operations: fusion, incorporation, dissolution, settlement, permutation, settlement of company partecipations, conferment of company branches;
  • assistance in the definition of the legal structure of possible purchase procedures and in the negotiation of its contract or in the evaluation of all these operations risks;
  • negotiation and drafting of joint venture agreements;
  • society’s books, extraordinary and ordinary meeting minutes handling and updating;
  • statute and corporate agreement counceling;
  • company agreement negotiation and drafting: agency, administration, distribution and mediation contracts;
  • Trust constitution and counceling.
In this field the activity of the lawsuit includes:

  • cession of assets;
  • draft and publication of testaments;
  • arrangement for statements of inheritance;
  • acceptation (with reservation) or renounce of inheritance deeds;
  • notary deeds of inheritance;
  • inheritance inventory.

In this field, the lawsuit activity includes:

  • cadastral certificates that precede the drawing and the stipulation of real estate trade;
  • real estate trades;
  • mortgage deeds;
  • deed of transfer and release of a leasing contract;
  • dissolution of a leasing contract;
  • transfer between granters of goods under a contract of leasing;
  • lease back;
  • constitution of usufruct, servitude, rights of passage and surface;
  • constitution and editing of volountary mortgage and pledge;
  • division and donation deed.

In this field, the activity of the lawsuit includes:

  • signature authentication;
  • true copies;
  • sale statements of registered chattels;
  • driving authorizations;
  • notary deeds for marriages and inheritance;
  • notary declarations;
  • obligations;
  • minutes of received deeds or registered chattels;
  • minutes of safe deposit box opening;
  • service of certified translations.