Tutorial Private Area


To access our private area click on folder with lock icon placed in the topper part of our website.

Or click on the following link: Private Area

Insert Credentials

Now insert “Email” (1) and “Password” (2) provided by our company.

Then click on “LOGIN” button (3).

Insert Secure Key

Now insert “ED Super Key” which has been sent to you over email along with your credentials.

If you did not receive any email please check your SPAM folder.

Then click on “NEXT” button.

Browse and Download

Now you are officially in your private area.

You can now browse between dossiers, folders and files shared with you.

Change Your Password

If you want to change your password please visit “Profile” page by clicking the button on the top of the page.

Scroll down the open page until you’ll se “Change Password” section.

Insert now your “Old Password” (1) and your “New Password” (2) (3).

Then click on “Save” button placed at the end of the page (4).